Exchange Server 2013 MOC courses–soon in Logosoft

Next month, Stanley Reimer and myself will deliver two brand new MOC courses about Exchange Server 2013. The courses are 20341A:Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange 2013 and 20342A:Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange 2013. Both courses are currently in development, and both Stan and myself work as authors on these courses. You can find details on these courses on Microsoft Learning portal. We tried to to keep up with same (or better) quality level as with 10135 and 10233 courses, and I think we made good and interesting courses.

As before, first teaching of new MOC courses is available under discounted price for those who register early enough. We will also try to provide few seats for community members.

On each of these courses we will award one student with Windows Phone 8 device Smile. For more information about registration please contact Logosoft Edukacija.