Mobile devices, certificates and Exchange Server

Few days ago I tried to import my personal certificate (by Verisign) to Windows Phone 8 device. I exported it as .pfx, sent to my self in a email and then opened it on device. It worked. Sort of. I mean, WP did import the certificate but didn’t provide any clue what I can do with it. I tried to find option to digitally sign or encrypt email, but with no luck. Next thing that came up on my mind was certificate based authentication to Exchange Server. Then I’ve found this article. It seems like WP8 now fully supports certificate based authentication against Exchange Client Access Server. However, my personal certificate issued by Verisign, will not be of any use here as it is not issued by my internal PKI. Will have to get new one and put it on device, and then I will try this.

This seems to be very useful option for authentication to CAS. I think that besides WP8, Android and iOS also support cert based authentication. I will try all three platforms and will post results here. And, it will be nice if WP8 has some certificate management implemented – now when you import the certificate, it’s like in a black hole, no way you can find or manage it (or I didn’t find a way to do it).

Author: ddamir

Damir Dizdarevic is a and IT professional. He works as a manager of MS CPLS Learning Center in Logosoft Sarajevo, and as a lecturer and author of MOC courses. Occasionally, he also works as a system designer for complex enterprise environments. He is a founding member and president of Bosnian Microsoft Community. He has been working with Microsoft platforms for the last 17 years and he is particularly specialized in Windows Server, Exchange Server, mobility and virtualization. Microsoft awarded him with the Most Valuable Professional – MVP status for his outstanding contribution in sharing knowledge about Microsoft Server products, large number of lectures he delivered, and for his high technical competence. Damir owns several technical certificates (MCSE, MCTS, MCITP, and MCT) for Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, Security and Hyper-V. He is regular presenter on conferences in ex-Yu region. On Microsoft Sinergija conference, for previous 7 years, each time he was graded as one of top three speakers. On a Bosnian MS conference, he is the best speaker for last two years. He is also a regular and highly graded presenter on other Microsoft conferences in region such as NT Conference (Slovenia), Microsoft Vizija (Macedonia), Microsoft Windays (Croatia), MS Technet, Mobility Day, KulenDayz etc. Damir is one of very few trainers in Europe who works as an author and reviewer of official MOC courses. In previous year, he was authoring courses 20417 (Upgrading Skills to Windows Server 2012), 20414 (Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure), 20412( Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services) and 20410 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012). Also, he was authoring System Center 2012 courses and currently he is working on Exchange Server 2013 and Windows Server 2012 R2 courses. In addition, he has been working for 16 years now as one of the editors of BiH IT magazine INFO, where he published more than 300 technical articles, and he is also writing for the famous Windows ITPro Magazine (some of his work can be found at:

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