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IMG_0427I was born in Sarajevo on 30.09.1975 , where I finished elementary school and mathematical high school.

After high school I enrolled in the study of mathematics at the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo, and finished it by defending the thesis named “Linear representations of finite groups”. My average grade during faculty studying was 9.8. As one of the top 10 students of Sarajevo University, I received a scholarship from City of Grenoble. For three years, during faculty studying, I was working as a student-assistant on the „Introduction to linear algebra and analytic geometry“ subject.

I enrolled in master studies in the field of Algebra on Mathematical Faculty –  University of Belgrade. Master’s thesis “Divisor on a torus varieties” made under the supervision of professors Aleksandar Lipkovski and Rade Živaljević was successfully defended in September 2010.

From October 2001. I have been employed at the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo as an assistant at the Analytic Geometry, Introduction to linear algebra, Linear algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Algebraic fundamentals of computer science and Commutative algebra at the Department of Mathematics and Linear Algebra at the Department of Physics. Between 2003 and 2005 I worked as a professor of mathematics in high school, and the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, as a external associate at the Mathematics for Economists .

I participated twice in the Fall school of algebraic geometry, which was held in Lukecin-Poland – in September 2004 with the theme “Algebraic geometry and derived categories”, and in September 2009. with the theme “Algebraic torus actions.”

I am a member of the  Mathematical Association of America  (MAA).

I am currently on final year of pHD study in the field of algebra in Mathematical Faculty, University of Belgrade.

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  1. senada says:

    Sviđa mi se tvoja web stranica:-) Pozz., Senada

  2. Mitrašin says:

    Zanimljiva i orginalna prezentacija.. Dopada mi se..

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